Recruitment in 8/2017

Company culture

THN Logistics always expects to create a friendly working environment but also the most competitive one for employees.
We work on the basis of an effective commitment to our customers and shareholders, so we always respectfully record and record the results of our network employees.
We always give employees the opportunity to express themselves and give them a comfortable and cooperative working environment.


With a staff of over 200 people with high professional qualifications and extensive industry experience, plus a team of dedicated and dedicated managers, is an important foundation in the company’s development in more than 40 years. Last year, the company stabilized in the difficult economic times and emerged as a leading unit in the aviation service industry in the future.

THN Logistics always attaches great importance to training to improve the skill of the employees because we are aware that human resources are extremely valuable and decisive for the success and development of the company.

With THN Logistics the capacity and contribution of members is credited not only by the monthly salary, if you work excellently, you can receive bonuses from projects, products, end-of-year bonuses.
Not just a career

We want THN Logistics where you build your career. Whether you pursue managerial work or focus on professional development, we recognize and value your talents.

Career opportunities
1. Location: DRIVING DECK
– Number: 40 people.
Job Description: 4 seats – 7 seats – 16 seats at Tan Son Nhat airport
– Requirements: B2 or above, fast and dynamic. Driving experience 2-3 years or more. Clear the streets of HCM City.
– Salary: Average income from 8 million to 12 million / month
Working time: Make 1 day (16-20 hours) 1 day off
– Benefits: Be trained to improve the qualifications depending on the requirements of the position.
To be entitled to social insurance, health insurance, UI, benefits according to company and state regulations.

Quantity: 10 employees.

Quantity: 02 employees.

Quantity: 01 staff.

5. Location: CUSTOMER CARE
Quantity: 02 employees.
Job requirements and salary levels: interviews

Be trained to improve the level required by the job.
To be entitled to social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance and benefits according to the company regulations and State regulations.

Place of receipt:
Send your CV via email:
Apply directly at: 58 Nguyen Xi, Ward 26, Binh Thanh District, HCMC – 0908 177 605

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